RX 570-580-590 Polaris GPU Graphics Card Repair

This page is to feature all the Polaris GPUs I have worked on.

What is there to like about repairing Polaris cards?

  • Well trodden ground i.e. well analysed by repairers, like this excellent guide https://repair.wiki/w/AMD_Polaris_GPU_Diagnosing_Guide
  • they are very popular, lots on the market.
  • Still quite fun for HD gaming
  • As AMD/Radeon cards go, most Polaris cards can use tserver to narrow their very common memory issues

What is there not to like about repairing Polaris cards?

  • BGA issues – Due to their often generous memory (8Gb) and reasonable price point, they have often been a popular choice for miners. As such, they can suffer from thrashed memory and worse, memory controllers, making some unfixable for many people.

RX 570

RX 580

RX 590