SoapUI Cookbook Bonus Recipes

Free SoapUI Cookbook bonus recipes!

SoapUI Cookbook

SoapUI Cookbook

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After writing the SoapUI Cookbook and working in the SoapUI community, I have built up a lot of ideas for recipes that I couldn’t include in the book. So, I thought I’d blog a few of them to hopefully complement the book and help other community members. Here is what I’ve done so far!

Groovy Recipes

R1-How to develop, add and use a custom Groovy library In SoapUI
R2-Using SoapUI Groovy Grape dependencies

Other Articles

RESTful web service mocking and testing SoapUI, RAML and JSON Slurper Script Assertion

Please let me know if you’ve got any ideas, thoughts, feedback etc. Also if you have any constructive thoughts on the book and how I could improve it. You can evenĀ use the below widget to submit new recipe and blog requests:

I can’t promise that I’ll write them all, but any ideas or input is very welcome!