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Graphics Card Repair

I enjoy building gaming PCs, and used to mess around with electronics. Lately, I have been learning to fix up graphics cards https://rupz.me/electronics/ and building up my PCB repair skills. I sometimes sell fixed cards, but it’s really just a hobby. I am a member (Rupo7) of the Learn Electronics Repair discord server if you would like to chat about graphics card repair https://discord.gg/rw94cAPQ, I mainly work on older cards e.g. 7/9/10/16/20 series Nvidia and 4XX/5XX/5XXX/6XXX Radeon.

SoapUI Open Source

I am a software developer at heart and this blog is mainly a place to document and share technology-related ideas I have been working on or just thinking about. After writing the SoapUI Cookbook, I have taken a strong interest in SoapUI topics and was previously a regular contributor to the SoapUI Open Source Community. These days, I don’t do much with SoapUI, but am still interested in it.

See also https://github.com/rupzme

Elite Dangerous

I always loved Elite as a teenager and being able to play Elite Dangerous now is amazing! In the scheme of things I am not a top player or anything, and probably won’t become one with the time I have available, but I still wanted to start blogging about it, mainly to record and compose my own thoughts – maybe somebody else might even find some of it useful! Take a look if you’re interested (Elite Dangerous). Sadly, I don’t find the time to play Elite dangerous much these days, but hope to get back to it one day.


These days, I am a senior engineer with a leading Google partner. Prior to this, I have worked as a software engineer, DevOps lead, architect, and technical author both freelance and permanent.

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