Seller Note “This Graphics card will show a picture and works ok for showing a desktop. Whenever i install the driver and try to play a game IT WILL NOT WORK. The PC sometimes crashes and the game certainly wont start working. the fact that it shows a picture is irrelevant in the auction.”


  • Price £95, decent condition, warranty sticker broken
  • The card loads drivers and appears completely fine for desktop use. However, any realistic load from benchmarks or games causes artefacts, flashing, cutting out and recoverable crashes to Windows 10 (i.e. even when the screen displays a fixed image, the PC is still running and can be shut down and restarted)
  • Resistances (TODO)
  • I would like to test the memory, as non-memory related loads appear less affected

Testing the VRAM…

TODO Add details of test motherboard/cpu

I will use the Gigabyte image as shown below:

Here is a directory listing once the option boots.

Testing with memtune trainingcheck…

At first I tested memtune trainingcheck with the card as a primary:

This ran, but crashed the display:

Switching the card to a secondary (integrated graphics as a primary), passed:

Testing with memtune margin test…

The margin test fails, whilst I don’t yet understand how to interpret the report, it is supportive of a memory-related issue.

Testing with tserver memfa..

This test reports that the E1 VRAM channel is failing

Repairing the E1 VRAM chip…

The VRAM is samsung k4zaf325bm-hc16