(under development, will update as I go)

Seller Note “Dead”


  • I bought two of these very cheap (£8 each) and didn’t expect much, both missing fans. When I received them, I measured them both to have only 1.2Ω on their VMem rails and I jumped to the conclusion they both probably were dead and have faulty cores. So I put them to one side, almost directly in the scrap area. However… I thought I should at least give them a proper look. Injecting 1v into the VMem rails revealed that each in fact has 1 shorted VRAM bank, which can be fixable! So, game on after all! 🙂
  • Resistances
    • TODO

These cards have VRAM chips on both sides of the card, making a very useful 6Gb of VRAM.

One has a damaged component on the back:

I need to try removing the shorted VRAM chip from each card and see if the VMem rail resistance rises.