Graphics Card Repair

Graphics Card Repair

Graphics card repair. This area is just to collect my thoughts and for the personal development of my electronics skills. I buy and fix graphics cards as a hobby and for my own personal amusement and learning, I am not a professional repairer. I do sometimes sell the fixed and tested cards, but only if I am confident that the fix will last. If you find any of the content useful or need more information on any of the cards I have, please comment and I can maybe reply with readings etc, thanks!

Apologies in advance if any of the content wastes your time through incompleteness!

  • I am very much a learner, not an expert – it takes me time to learn. I often stop work, think, read, and update later. This blog helps me park thoughts between breaks.
  • A lot of the content is started but not finished (yet) – I wish I had more time to complete things, but this comes after a demanding job, family, pets etc
  • Too much talk, not enough fixing! Don’t talk if you can’t fix it! Don’t pollute the internet with incomplete works! – all fair points, frustrates me too sometimes! Probably I should focus more, complete one thing at a time and not flit about from one thing to another. I’m working on it!

Disclaimer – Also, I hope it is clearly understood that if you choose to follow or repeat any of the actions or procedures on your own devices, then please do so at your own risk. Many of the repairs or repair attempts could result in damage to your own equipment and/or personal injury.

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Below shows an index of all Graphics Cards I either own or have owned. It’s getting somewhat out of date and I am starting to use the features pages more, as I want to consolidate around repairing only my favourite graphics card types.

Diagnostics (new and in test)

To Test:

  • PNY GTX 780 XLR8 – Seller Note “Untested”, looks nice, hope it’s fixable.
  • ASUS GTX 1050 ti – Resistances OK, All volatges, detected. windows 10 crashes to blue screen on driver load, Linux detects the card, but not it’s type – could it be BIOS or VRM? Worst case GPU of course.
  • EVGA GTX 780 (Card B) – has a failing chip F0? Bad artefacts, failing assertions.
  • GTX 1660 Super 6GB GDDR6 (Card B) (sadly far more damaged components than I expected! Also, missing voltages for Vcore and Vmem, going to take work and luck to fix)
  • GTX 1660 Super OC 6GB GDDR6 (Card A) (Seller Note “Selling as Faulty due to the card not outputting any display once the nvidia drivers are installed. Have tried older drivers and re flashed the bios on the card but still no display with nvidia drivers. Otherwise it works with basic Microsoft display adapter driver in low resolution. Unsure of card history as bought the card used and untested.” – Seems to behave as described, Mats v400 passed, but the BIOS doesn’t show correctly for me, could have an issue.)
  • XFX RX 580 XXX 8GB (Card B) (Seller Note “Only HDMI port works, 3d mark runs but sometimes crashes before showing results. FurMark & unigene heaven run okay but there seems to be some stability issues. Screws missing and dusty/potential signs of liquid damage.” – mostly working, didn’t crash during tests, but saw ‘failed to get VDDC avg. current’ in tserver)
  • MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GD5T OC (Quite cheap, taking risk – has 12 pci-e short, badly damaged PCB due to burns and corrosion – probably scrap)

Further Analysis Needed:

  • GIGABYTE RX 5700 XT GAMING OC 8GB (Seller Note “The graphics card randomly turns off.” – is detected, with error 43, hope it is just memory-related and can be fixed, could be memory controller)
  • GIGABYTE GTX 1050TI 4GB GDDR5 (Card A – code 43 – reflow of vram didn’t change anything – could be core related? Should double check the BIOS)
  • SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 570 4GB (Seller Note “had artifacts on the screen the went black, then screen Never display. Fan spinning, logo lights up. For parts only as the item not working” – This card seems in a questionable state. There is slight corrosion on the heatsink, no picture, fans spin erratically, but detected in Linux. Resistances seemed OK, but not sure if this is just memory)
  • Gigabyte Windforce Extreme GTX 980ti Card B (this one is seemingly more interesting. Was concerned at slighty lower vcore of 2.9 and very low vmem resistance of only 16 ohms. When powered on there is no voltage to vcore or vmem. Not many minor voltages at all. The pci 12v fuse has 12v on one side and 0.79v on the other, but I would imagine there is more wrong than this and a deeper investigation is required)
  • Nividia Tesla C2050 3GB (listed as ‘used, tested, working’ – won it pretty cheap, unusual card. Hoping a) works b) I can actually test it properly c) interesting buy – gets to windows, need to manually install drivers and test)

Stress Testing Required (Basically working, need to prove OK)

  • XFX RX 580 GTS XXX 4GB (Seller Note “This card boots into Windows. Overheats, thermal throttles and experience artifacts while gaming. Sometimes crashes.” – I tested briefly, but didn’t notice these issues – do tserver memory test to eliminate that.)
  • ASUS GT 710 2GB GDDR5 SILENT (Initially artefacts, but then ran fine, more testing required – possible bios read issue?)
  • MSI 710 2Gb – Card C (Seems fine, no problems observed)
  • Sapphire HD 7850 2Gb (Originally had 2 vertical artefact bars in BIOS screen, reflow seemed to fix faulty Vram chip – reflow failed under sustained testing, needs replacement – repaced vram chip, need to stress test to confirm fix)

To Repair (issue detected and fix required)

Easy Fix Required (e.g. fan replacement)

Soldering Required (Port Issue e.g. HDMI, DVI, missing components) / Fan Header)

  • Quadro K5000 (Card C) (very cheap, not displaying, appeared to have PCI lane caps missing – yep! knocked PCI lane caps and some pad damage, but could hopefully be OK)
  • GIGABYTE Graphics Card GV-N75TOC-2GL (Seller “displays but with lines.” – Lines on screen, and a very low Vmem resistance, felt one very hot chip, also levered up! Never seen that before!!)
  • Quadro K5000 4Gb (Seller Note “No display” – happy to say despite some damaged components on the back (missing caps near memory and on PCI lanes, it works and passes basic HD benchmarks)
  • GT 1030 Gigabyte 2GB GDDR5 (components missing, pcb damage not extensive – gpu ok?)
  • GT 1030 Gigabyte (Card B) (Main PCB damage repaired – Works, but still needs 2 capacitors replaced)
  • EVGA GTX 780 3Gb (1 missing cap near memory, was very dirty, stability seemed poor, rapid temperature ramp under load – Has been thoroughly cleaned. Needs new thermal pads & tested, also capacitor replaced)
  • Palit GT730 2Gb (DVI port replacement / resolder needed)
  • XFX HD7850 (FX-785A-ZDF4) (drivers don’t load, previously had patterned artefacts – reflow fixed artefacts – ideally needs memory chip replacement and it’s HDMI replaced)
  • MSI 710 1Gb – Card B (Bad corrosion, not safe to test without careful cleaning, probably spare parts at best – update, missing a couple of capaitors behind the GPU, but seems to actually work! Needs more cleaning, back plate replaced and probably transfer the capacitors from the Card D which I suspect has a faulty GPU)

BIOS Check / Flash Needed / Replace BIOS chips

  • XFX RX 570 4Gb Black Edition (Seller Note “Suffered power surge, BIOS issue” – Not sure if it will be as described, but was quite cheap, so taking a risk.
  • PALIT GEF GT 710 2GB SILENT DDR3 (resistances OK, voltages OK, seems to work correctly, although wise to test further)
  • ASUS GT 710 2GB SILENT DDR3 710-2-SL (resistances OK, voltages OK, got to windows on the first run, now won’t – blank screen – when GT 710 driver setup previously by another card, this card then seems to reach windows and work without artefacts)
  • GTX 750ti 2GB FAKE (heavy artefacts, possible BIOS mismatch, could be hard to find correct BIOS / unusual GPU / Memory combination)

VRM stability or efficiency issue

  • XFX RX580 8Gb (listed as Card has been working fine but now white stripes on the screen but still works fine – looks like vertical bar artefacts, so hope to fix the memory chips responsible – actually has a blank screen, but is detected – tserver reveals chip A0 is failing – memory fixed, and 5v rail, now check VRM health)
  • MSI GTX 770 4Gb (Unusual 4Gb version, seller note “After installing drivers screen goes white, sometimes blue and then black. Displays fine once plugged in before installing drivers.” – resistances vcore16.3 ohms, 77.5 ?vmem – interesting! Actually very capable under load, kombuster, heaven and Subnautica all seem to run fine at about 60 fps – TPU shows vrel limiting all the time, and a strange choppy VRM graph – it crashed to a grey screen once after exiting heaven, heard a slight clicking, might be heat related/vrm fault? – mats fine)
  • SAPPHIRE RX 580 4Gb (Seller Note “The card is dead and has some water damage.” – actually working with possible VRM issues, no crash seen yet)

Power Issue: (missing rail or short)

  • MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4Gb (Seller Note “Was given to me by a friend and has been laying around in a draw safely for a while now has not been tested and don’t know if it is still working. have no way of testing it either”)
  • Quadro K2000 2GB (Seller Note “This card just displays a black screen on turning pc on sold for parts only” – Blank screen, missing Vmem, Vcore, PEX, 5v present)
  • GIGABYTE AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB (Seller Note “this item does not switch on.” – Has 12v, 3.3v, 5v, 1.8v, Display Rail, but no Vcore / Vmem)
  • Zotac GTX 1650 4Gb Low Profile OC 4GB (Seller Note “untested, suspected faulty” – Voltage rail issues, found 3.3v, 1.8v, not 12v, Vcore and Vmem both very low ~0.5v. Needs dismantling and thorough resistance/voltage checks)
  • EVGA GTX 1070 (Had a12v DRMOS short, now has a 5v rail short)
  • Zotac GTX 970 (Seller Note “Short. Can see 3.3v PCI pin damaged” – Was very cheap, could be scrap, have never seen a 3.3v short if that is the issue)
  • ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1070 TI ASUS STRIX 1070ti (missing minor voltage rails)
  • MSI GTX 1650 VENTUS XS 4GB GDDR6 (Seller Note “This card is FAULTY. It shows no signs of power. The fans don’t spin and there is no output to monitor. No further tests done.” – Resistances look OK, but missing power rails, no vcore/vmem, only 3.3v and 12v found)
  • EVGA GTX 980 Ti 6GB 06G-P4-4995-KR (Seller Note “Faulty graphics card. It doesn’t power up. Died without any smoke or other artefacts.  Everything else worked fine even power supply.”) – has a 12v short on one pci ext.
  • EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Gaming 8GB GDDR5X (seller note ‘Bought as not working, Doesn’t power up, parts only.’ – was cheap, hopefully in good shape – external condition very good, but there is a short on one 12v PCI-E socket)
  • Powercolor Fighter RX 6600 XT (Exciting card, apart from fixable looking light pcb scratch and missing cap on data lane, there are shorts from the 12v ext, so we’ll see)
  • Gigabyte R9 290X GV-R929XOC-4GD (Card B) (listed as faulty, hoping to use this to help restore Gigabyte Windforce R9 290X GV-R929XOC-4GD – Missing or very low vcore, otherwise seems in much better condition than my other R9 290x)
  • PNY GTX 970 (listed as stuck at 135Ghz , ina 3221 issue – damage to neabry resistor)
  • MSI GTX 1080 ti 8gb Founders edition (listed as ‘Boots up works amazingly, when going into a game or benchmarking it only runs 16FPS! Have tried repasting the graphics chip even though it doesn’t go above 45 degrees!! For normal day to day use like surfing the Internet etc, perfect, give it a game like gta, call of duty it will lag and only play at 16FPS. Don’t know if this is a firmware or hardware problem, the card is clean and to be fair hasn’t had alot of use.’ – it behaves as described – likely INA issue)
  • ASUS ROG Strix RX 580 8GB (Has a damaged ITE 8915FN-56, hopefully, this is all and can be replaced, nice looking card)
  • SAPPHIRE RADEON R7 265 DUAL-X (stated as no power – has no power because there is a short on the 12v connector)
  • XFX Radeon 7950 3Gb (doesn’t post, need to check voltages)
  • Gigabyte RX 460 2Gb (no power to card, fuse issue & likely vrm short)
  • GTX 760 Ti 2GB GDDR5 Alienware OEM (Rare card, 12v PCI BUS short detected, after testing with a PSU, sadly think the 12v might have passed through the GPU, as it is getting hot and the test voltage can be seen on vcore)
  • ASUS GT 710 2GB GDDR5 (K7C0YZ04R493ZUA) (very similar, but slightly different to other one) (Interesting, missing VMem & VCore, can hopefully use the other semi-working 710 to compare some voltages)
  • GIGABYTE WINDFORCE GV-N7800C-3GD (missing vcore & vmem power rails, 5v short I think)
  • Dataland R9 370 2Gb (missing vcore & vmem)
  • Kfa2 GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5 (Vmem and PEX rails missing, need to identify source of missing 3.3v)
  • XFX HD 7950 (was very cheap, may be scrap, but I have another identical card XFX HD 7950 3Gb so could be useful dead or alive – damage at least to a mosfet and another chip on the back, memory resistance 1 ohm, should remove the damaged components to see if the short goes away, if not could well be spare parts)

BGA / Memory Chip Replacement Needed:

  • Gigabyte GTX 780 TI 3Gb GHz Edition
  • Zotac GTX 780 TI 3GB
  • Reference GTX 780 – Appears to have the classic failing VRAM chip A1 (Hynix H5GQ2H24AFR-R0C)
  • ASUS AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB GDDR5 Strix (Seller Note “This card is having some sort of driver issues, it boots normal but after bios it loads into windows the screen goes black, tried to install drivers but for some odd reason it doesn’t work.” hoping just memory – no artefacts, but has error 43 as stated. shows 1 failing chip minor errors channel 7 or 8 – chip is k4g80325fc-hc25)
  • XFX RX 590 Fatboy 8GB (Card B) – Has vertical bar artefacts on channel A (top display port is active), tserver says A, hopefully not worse than that. More testing needed.
  • EVGA GTX 780 (Seller Note “There is no video output from this graphics card, I once was able to get it to boot and show video but that was for only one time, there were artefacts and it got worse and worse progressively before a black screen.” – resistances vcore 4.6 Ohms, vmem 93 Ohms, pex 333 Ohms, actually has caps missing / damaged on the data lanes, possibly an attempted repair – interestingly, this card loads drivers, passed kombuster, heaven with good frames, but crashed on subnautica – old mats will not run, exits immediately – new mats finds one failing chip with just 1 failing bit – the card does indeed fail to load drivers sometimes)
  • HP RX 5500 4GB GDDR6 (Seller Note “The card boots to windows, but after drivers install the PC stuck with a black screen, and PC not boots to windows with the card installed.” – This is accurate, suspect a VRAM issue)
  • XFX R9 280X 3GB (seller note ‘fans work, blank screen’ – this is true or rather blank screen after driver load – if memory-related, need to know which chip)
  • ASUS ROG Strix RX 580 8GB (Seller Note ‘Not working correctly – lines are displayed on the screen as per the photo’ – does have this problem, tserver reveals failing A0 chip)
  • Gainward GTX 770 4Gb (Seller Note “It has serious artefacts, likely due to VRAM issues, so I’m selling it as not working. It has received a dusting off, brief clean with isopropyl alcohol and the die has been repasted.” – definite artefacts, is failing mats, chip C, unusual pattern)
  • Gigabyte Windforce Extreme GTX 980ti Card A (resistances seem fine. Light artefacts, reaches windows, drivers dont load, 1 failing vram chip in mats FBIOF 31:0)
  • Windforce GV-N770oC-2GD (stated simply as not working – has 1 failing memory chip – find chip!)
  • EVGA GTX 770 2Gb (reported as coloured shapes across the screen – didn’t see this, loads Windows 10, no artefacts seen, but code 43 – bios seems ok, guess memory issue – cannot run mats against it, hangs – find chip! H5GQ2H24AFR-R2C – working after reflow, should replace or reball the chip now)
  • PNY GEFORCE GTX 550Ti GDDR5 1GB (Blank screen on driver load, works in BIOS)
  • XFX HD 6950 2GB (stated as drivers load no output – this appears accurate, there is no picture, but as a second card it appears to be detected, but I think it actually crashes when it tries to use it’s drivers at all – guessing some kind of memory or gpu issue – perhaps worth trying a reflow of vram)
  • Gigabyte Windforce Extreme GTX 980ti Card C (listed as ‘blank screen with backlight’ – resistances: pex 384, ohms vcore 3.9 Ohms, vmem 18 Ohms – light artifacting, reaches windows, crashes on driver load, coil whine like card A – mats v400 failing on FBIOF0 – have replacement chip now)

Semi Working with issues / Crash Under Load

  • Palit GeForce GTX1050ti 4gb (seller note ‘The fan spins as it should. However, the screen comes on but then freezes, or goes blank. I have tried in two machines, and with different drivers but the same result.’ – Curiously, this card can reach windows and even run Furmark, but crashes with any more memory-related tasks e.g. Kombuster/Heaven/Subnautica. Passes MATS, but won’t run mods)
  • Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8Gb OC (works 5 – 10 mins then crashes to a blank screen, possibly when hot)
  • EVGA GTX 570 2.5Gb (Was very, very dusty when I got it, basically works under light load, will crash soon after heavy load e.g. Furmark crashes, Roblox OK – Would suspect either vram or gpu is faulty or faulty solder joint caused by overheating)
  • MSI 710 2Gb – Card A (Seemingly OK, Furmark/Heaven/Roblox, but crashes when starting Kombuster, so must in fact have an underlying issue – memory perhaps?)
  • RX 470 4Gb (hasn’t crashed, but gets hot, need to try patching BIOS to improve fan profile and thermals – BIOS fix wasn’t effective – Will investigate VRM next)

PCB Damage / Components Missing

Back Burner & BGA core issue suspected:

  • Zotac GTX 1060 6gb (one failing vram chip – reflow restored partial functionality, crashes under load – need to try replacing the memory chip now)
  • GTX Titan X Pascal (Seller Note ‘No signs of life’ actually does show life, fans and backlight lit on the monitor, but has two faulty memory chips shown in MATS – chips ordered)

Fixed / Working / Prep for sale

  • Asus GTX 1050Ti 4Gb Cerberus (seems to work, but just 1 fan not working, passed mats & kombuster – fixed, tests well, nice card)
  • XFX RX 590 8Gb Fat Boy (Seller Note “Was used for gaming then stopped working. Not detected.” – high Vram resistance, missing 5v rail – now fixed and in test)
  • Gigabyte GTX 1050 TI 4Gb (Card B) Untested and dirty, but works fine
  • MSI GTX 770 2GB (2048 MB) Twin Frozr (A) (reflowed 1 Vram chip, fan replaced – fault occurred – VRAM chip now replaced, card working)
  • MSI GTX 1060 3Gb (Seller note “The card physical looks perfect. No blown caps or damage I can see. Replaced the thermal paste on the cooler. Tried a different system and PSU. Whatever I try, Windows always errors with the card, giving error 43 in device manager.” – Had a failing VRAM chip)
  • MSI GTX 1050 2Gb (faulty vram chip)
  • MSI GTX 1650 4Gb (Was bought as untested for an absolute bargain price. The card is in fact a lovely, clean, working little card. Using in my main PC, great so far)
  • GIGABYTE GTX 1060 3Gb (Seller Note “Untested return; Damaged in transit” – resistances seem fine and looking very good so far playing Subnautica – passes MATS & MODS – slight fan noise when starting / 1 screw mounting connecting the cooler snapped)
  • Asus R9 280x (1 fan not working, reported minor artefact uncertain whether working fine, saw one crash the first time drivers loaded, passes benchmarks – need to replace fan before more serious stress testing – fan was fine, replaced anyway – out for playtesting)
  • Fake 730 4Gb (BIOS replacement, shows as Fake, but works now)
  • GTS 260 (needs a clean & good test)
  • 5 x Quadro K2000D 2Gb GDDR5 (need to complete testing of all ports, 2 sold)
  • Sapphire HD 7870 2Gb (11200-14-20G) (Picture in BIOS, crashes when Windows tries to load driver – memory test required – reflow of 4/8 memory chips fixed crash, so memory was to blame – thermals not wonderful, but functional – probably better not to sell this without chip replacement or warranty)

In Use In Family PCs

  • GIGABYTE GTX 1060 GDDR5 6GB (Seller Note “Selling as not working. This has been in my gaming pc from Feb 2018 – Dec 2021, it was bought new. I dont use my pc much, so light use really. The problem is it causes the computer to crash after a short period of time, normally less than 10 mins. This happens during games and gpu stress test. Temperature doesn’t seem to be the problem, the fan is on, temp reached 65 deg which seems to be well within limits. When the computer restarts the screens won’t display anything or see the input, until I restart the machine 1 or 2 times. It then boots up as normal. I have not tried anything to fix it, bar replacing the graphics card which solved the issue, hence this js defo faulty.” – seems fine, cannot reproduce the crashing – passes MATS, appeared to pass and fail out of 2 mods tests, so there may be an issue – working well in my sons PC so far)
  • MSI Ventus RTX 2070 8Gb (Seller note “Card does not allow the system to boot, goes to code 99 for 30 seconds and just restarts and does this is a loop” – possible bios issue, seems to only work as a 2nd card)


  • MSI GTX 1050 ti Low Profile (Seller Note “Working, stiff fans” – this appears accurate, needs new fans)
  • EVGA 2GB GEF GTX 750 TI GDDR5 (nice to replace fan header then hopefully perfect and sellable – sold it despite the fan header at a lower price, as it tested very well)
  • Gigabyte HD 7770 GDDR5 1GB (boxed, listed as crashes on driver load, seems to work fine under stress – needs new fan header installed)
  • GIGABYTE GTX 1050 2GB (Stated as Card does not post and displays no output – All voltages appear good, display port activates after some seconds and backlight, would suspect memory issue – mats confirm 1 vram chip faulty – tested well in my PC, minor faults)
  • Sapphire RX 580 8Gb (listed as ‘Used in Mac Pro 5,1 for Adobe photoshop but NOT WORKING’, was seemingly cheap, will have to see what is wrong – could find no faults with resistances. Seems to hopefully work under at least some stress – passing to my son for playtesting 🙂 )
  • Zotac GTX 1060 3Gb (Seller Note “GPU fans do not spin and displays blank screen.” – most resistances ok, seems to work – mats/mods passed – kombuster/timespy/kombuster passed – seems quite warm 67)
  • Asus GTX 750TI-OC-2GD5 (Sold as faulty, but actually seems in great condition and working)
  • Zotac GTX 1080ti (missing power rails, vcore, vmem, found 1.8v – had missing nv3v3 rail)
  • Quadro K5000 (working fine – sold)
  • MSI GTX 770 2GB (2048 MB) Twin Frozr (B) (reflowed 1 vram chip, replaced fan, sold to a friend down the road with a lifetime warranty!)
  • Gigabyte R9 280X Windforce 3X OC (stated as bricked due to BIOS flash – seems to work fine in stress testing, new paste and further testing)
  • Hd 6670 2gb (fans replaced, works well)
  • GTX 745 4Gb OEM (after repaste and test)
  • EVGA Nvidia GTX950 OC (Seems fine, but don’t like the way the fans won’t kick in before 60 deg, this is apparently by design)
  • KFA2 GTX 560ti (needs a good clean, glue for a chipped bit of case, but otherwise seems to be working, need a mini HDMI to test port)

Scrap/Donor boards/Dead GPU Core Suspected

  • GIGABYTE NVIDIA GTX 1060 3Gb (Card B) (Hope it’s as good as the other one I had! 🙂 Erm.. sadly not, it’s shorted VRM phase has damaged the PCB! – think it might be too much effort to repair, nice for spare parts hopefully, even fan and box could be used directly on my other identical 1060 )
  • EVGA GTX 780 2Gb SC (Card B) (had short on memory rail – dead core)
  • EVGA GTX 780 TI (no shorts, resistances looked ok, blank screen, main voltage rails appeared to be there vcore & vmem – if detected, could try mats – not detected)
  • Sapphire Pulse 5600 XT (Listed as ‘not detected’- interesting card! Sadly shorted memory rail, should double check)
  • NVIDIA 745 OEM (likely GPU replacement needed – cannot get replacement GPU, out of stock)
  • MSI 710 1Gb – Card D (actually has bad component damage near the HDMI port, beyond reasonable repair)
  • MSI GTX 1070 (listed as ‘I’m not sure if Ti version or not.  The sticker has been removed. I got it as untested but found that it didn’t work.  Cosmetically looks fine but will likely need professional repair’ – was relatively cheap, hoping a) it’s easily fixable b) the ti version! – resistances ok, has main voltage rails, not detected, need to analyse further – gpu is dead 5 ohm pex, refclk-+ 0 ohms, reset 0 ohms, so not ti version and not fixable without new gpu)
  • Lenovo GTX 1070 8Gb (suspected dead core)