GTX 10 Series GPU Graphics Card Repair

What’s to like about 10 series cards?

  • For me, the Nvidea 10 series was a golden series, power with excellent efficiency for the time!
  • They still have plenty to offer, even the low-end ones are capable of some level of gaming and with great power consumption.
  • As a card to repair, due to their success, they are often well analysed. This means schematics, guides, forums posts etc. All very helpful.
  • The top-end cards are still relatively valuable, so potentially some profit to be had.

Some of the problems?

  • Basically lots of great designs, but one problem I seem to find is more potentially abused cards e.g. PCB damage due to shorts and heat-related issues due to overclocking.

GTX 1030

GTX 1050 / TI

GTX 1060

GTX 1070 / TI

GTX 1080 / TI

  • Zotac GTX 1080ti (FIXED – missing nv3.3v rail)
  • Founders Edition GTX 1080 TI (Suspected INA 3221 issue)