Gigabyte GTX 1050 TI 4Gb (Card B)

Seller Note ‘Pulled from faulty PC, signs of Corrosion on the board, Untested’


  • Single fan version
  • Definitely quite dirty on the back, with deposits, but hopefully nothing that cannot be cleaned up with a bit of IPA.
  • Resistances normal
    • VCore – 1.2Ω
    • VMem – 221Ω
    • PEX -176Ω
    • 1.8v – 2.8KΩ
    • 5v – 511Ω
    • 12v – 5K+Ω
    • 3.3v – ~5KΩ
  • This card seems to work! Gave it a bit of a clean & repaste, seems like a lovely little card, nothing to see here! 🙂
  • I have an identical faulty GIGABYTE GTX 1050TI 4GB GDDR5