Seller Note “Selling as not working. This has been in my gaming pc from Feb 2018 – Dec 2021, it was bought new. I don’t use my pc much, so light use really. The problem is it causes the computer to crash after a short period of time, normally less than 10 mins. This happens during games and GPU stress tests. Temperature doesn’t seem to be the problem, the fan is on, temp reached 65 deg which seems to be well within limits. When the computer restarts the screens won’t display anything or see the input until I restart the machine 1 or 2 times. It then boots up as normal. I have not tried anything to fix it, bar replacing the graphics card which solved the issue, hence this js defo faulty.”


  • Resistances
  • Seems fine, cannot reproduce the crashing
  • Passes MATS & MODS
  • All benchmarks look good 3D Time Spay, Kombuster, Furmark, Heaven Benchamrk (1hr, temp ~67 degrees C)
  • Will put it in my son’s PC for play testing.
  • Possible faulty Display port? Seems to loose picture if flexed on son’s PC.
  • This card was fine and sold