Seller Note “Faulty”


  • This one has a short on the 12v PCI-E connector and a very, very bulged MOSFET!
  • Resistances appeared OK apart from this.
  • It remains to be seen whether I can limit the damage to the PCB (assuming it isn’t already from the overheating) and avoid having to grind away the remains, which can create other problems.
  • Unfortunately, no heat was needed to remove the burnt remains of the DRMOS, it simply crumbled away leaving a lot of PCB damage and the short still remains.
  • I don’t think this card is going to be worth my while repairing, the damage looks pretty tough to repair. Fortunately, it has a nice box, working fans and undamaged cooler that I can use on a lightly damaged Gigabyte GTX 1060 3Gb that works fine. Also the core and memory could be useful spare parts one day.