XFX RX 570 4Gb Black Edition (Card B)

Seller Note “Card stopped working over a year ago after i opened it up to change the thermal paste. Has been sitting in a drawer ever since.”


  • The card looks nice and clean, complete with a back plate!
  • Resistances – OK, high memory reading
    • VCore – 0.5
    • VMem – 612?? Why so high? Gues Elpida is like this?
    • VDCI – 16.7
    • Display Rail – 13.1
    • 1.8V – 2.6K
    • 5V – 817
    • 3.3V – 2.3K
    • 12V – ~5K
  • The card has vertical bar artefacts (channel A) and shows code 43 in Windows Device Manager
  • The VRAM is Elpida W4032BABG-70-F
  • The card seems to work nicely enough, but I still find that high resistance weird.

Here we can see the position of the artefacts indicates memory channel A (see this great guide for more https://repair.wiki/w/AMD_Memory_Testing_Guide), which is hopefully useful information, as I have no other reliable way to narrow down the faulty VRAM chip(s)

Here, out of interest, I tried to see what the dmgg.py script thinks about the VRAM fault. I had to run the 570 as a second card, as the screen was too corrupted to make out the text otherwise. As you can see, the information is not helpful beyond suggesting ‘there is a’ memory fault, I don’t believe all channels are faulty or certainly hope not! It might be the results are different if the card is primary.

Here, I tried the direct-mem-test.py, which appears a bit more measured in its output. However, I don’t yet know how to tie the results back to specific VRAM channels.

Please see Graphics Card VRAM Chip Replacement Procedure for pictures (the examples shown are for this card). Chip A0 replaced.


  • The artefacts have gone, good start!
  • Drivers load, no error 43 in Device Manager anymore
  • Kombuster HD passes.
  • 3D Timespy – Good
  • Heaven Ultra HD – smooth.
  • Subnautica – good