XFX RX580 GTS XXX ED 8Gb OC+ (Card B)

Seller Note “Only HDMI port works, 3D mark runs but sometimes crashes before showing results. FurMark & unigene heaven run okay but there seems to be some stability issues. Screws missing and dusty/potential signs of liquid damage.”


  • Has warranty seal still, one VRM screw missing
  • Tserver passed (no errors)
  • The first time Furmark was run it crashed
  • Possible heat problems, Furmark didn’t crash the second time, but it’s temperature got to 78 deg C and the fans ran at nearly 100%! Since the warranty sticker is intact, probably the thermal paste and possibly pads need changing.
  • Resistances
    • VCore -0.6
    • Vmem – 49.6
    • VDCI – 21.3
    • Display Rail – 18.3
    • 1.8V – 3.9K
    • 5V – 818
    • 3.3V – 2.2K
    • 12V – 2K++

Planned Work

  • strip down, measure and clean, inspect thermal pads
  • Find replacement screws
  • Retest
  • Check performance, thermals and VRM efficiency

Opened, and the thermal paste is dry as a bone as expected! Pads look mostly fine, although I can see very little imprint on the VRM thermal pads, perhaps due to a lack of pressure due to a missing screw? Strangely, I have 3 XFX RX580 8Gbs all with missing VRM screws and all with questionable VRM efficiency.

OK, have bought some more screws, think those ones are 2mm x 6mm. I have re-pasted and replaced one thermal pad (on the A0 chip, which often fails).

Stress testing

  • Sunautica below zero
    • Running 75 deg C, 56% fan, better
    • Graphs looking pretty clean under 100% load: VDDC 1.15V (steady), VRM Efficiency ~84-87%
  • Furmark HD Benchmark
    • Hmm.. this seems to be the one to focus on, the card passes, but with too high fan speed I would say: 77 deg, fan 85%, which is better but not good enough
    • The fans are a little noisy during use and when spinning down, so maybe the bearings are going?
  • 3D Time Spy
    • Did well here, scored ‘Excellent’
    • The thermals looked good (~65, 58% fan), VRM efficiency touched 90% at times, some fan noise/vibration though
  • Heaven HD Ultra settings
    • Looked good, 74 deg C, fan @ 50%
    • VRM efficiency ~80-85% seems a little low?
    • Good FPS 60+, smooth
  • Some vibration noise noticed.