Zotac GTX 780TI 3GB (card B)

Seller Note “Had this around a year and never been able to test it, came in a job lot.”


  • Despite initially not showing a picture in my test rig initially, after loading drivers as a second card, it started to work! At first, it seemed that the various display ports could be faulty, but they seemingly started to work. Not sure if this suggests some kind of BIOS issue?
  • Will proceed to stress test the card in my stable test machine.
  • Because of the strange nature of the initial fault it may be difficult to gain full confidence in this card for sale.

Stress Testing

  • Detected and displayed fine.
  • Subnautica below zero is looking good for 1 hour
    • The card may need a good service to improve it’s thermals, also it’s possible that 1 fan isn’t running as fast as the others.
    • The temperature is stable at 75 deg C under full load, the fans are working hard at ~70% and are fairly loud.
    • GPU-Z graphs all look nice and smooth though, really good.
  • 3D Time Spy scored ‘Great’.
  • Kombuster HD – looks very good, smooth, stable 25 FPS
  • Heaven Ultra – looks nice.
  • Whatever issue this card has or had, I am guessing it could be more detection related than runtime.

Next steps

  • Measurements, clean, repaste and inspect pads.
  • Allow testing in my main PC.