XFX RX 590 8GB Fat Boy (Card B)


  • Resistances – TODO
  • Has vertical bar artefacts, channel A position (see below)
  • Chip is Micron MT51J256M32HF-80:B (D9VVR)
  • Out of interest, I want to confirm this with tserver and see what the dmgg.py Python script thinks too.

Despite the pixelation, we can see that tserver appears to be accurate or at least in-line with the artefact position of channel A.

Despite the pixelation, as we can see, dmgg.py appears to think there are 3 faulty chips (hopefully wrong).

Repairing the faulty VRAM – After seemingly making it very hard for myself!

What started out as me expecting a nice routine repair, has become far more of a challenge due to 5 ripped pads that presumably happened during chip removal!

I can only assume I got careless and let the solder cool too much before lifting the chip. The solder deposits do look very unusual to what I am used to though:

And here is the damage (note the inner corner pads are not ripped they are empty on these cards)

This time I am going to try using jumper wire rather than replacement copper pads, as I saw others do. I might even try using both and first glue down the pads, to avoid the usual issues of them getting consumed into the solder.