Seller Note “had artifacts on the screen the went black, then screen Never display. Fan spinning, logo lights up. For parts only as the item not working”


  • This card is a little strange
  • Resistances are all in the normal range
  • Voltages appear normal, apart from Vcore, which seems to possibly be in standby mode at 0.88v
  • The core isn’t getting hot and warms slowly
  • PEX reset appears to be there at 3.3v
  • The BIOS chips are read by the GPU
  • The card is detected
  • However, there is no picture and when the fans were connected they were running erratically!
  • I would have to imagine there is some kind of GPU issue, but it may not be completely dead.
  • Perhaps measuring the PCI lanes will help.
  • The GPU gets hot.
  • In Linux, this card is detected, but not recognised as a 570 (shows as de65 or similar) and disabled.

Next Steps

  • Check capacitors on the PCI lanes
  • Check & reflash the BIOS
  • Check Linux for error messages
  • (!) Check Display rail resistance and voltage

Checking BIOS Function

Chip: GD25Q20CTIGR

Dual BIOS – Chip select voltage will vary when selected (lower on selected chip)

Namepin 1 (#CS)pin 2 (SO/)pin 5 (SI/)pin 8 (VCC)
U11 (back)4.6K (read)7.93K (read)3.35K (read)2.27K – 3.3v
U4503 (front)4.6K (read)7.9K (read)3.34K (read)2.25K – 3.3v

Ok, so both chips appear to be read fine and have VCC. Possibly the contents are corrupt or the chips themselves are broken? Just seems strange that the card detects in Linux, but not as a 570. Could still be the GPU I guess.

Check PCI Lane Capacitors

Apart from the first capacitor having a slightly lower capacitance (194 nF) compared to the others being about 204 nF mostly, I couldn’t see any obvious issues.