Sapphire RX 480 8Gb

Seller Note “In decent condition. The fans and lights work but it won’t display.”


  • Looks nice enough, warranty seals are mostly in place.
  • Argh! After taking the back off, there is quite a burn behind one phase’s MOSFET. The two fuses for the 8pin PCI-E are both blown, but sadly couldn’t stop the burn.
  • Resistances
    • Vcore – 0.8
    • Vmem – 19.5 (Samsung K4G80325FB-HC25)
    • Display Rail – 14.8
    • VDCI – 17.6
    • 5V – 2K
    • 1.8V – 4K
    • 3.3V – 222.6 (Seems a little low, but could be OK)
    • 12V (PCI) – 5K+
    • 12V (PCI-E) – 0.9 (short to explain the burn!)
  • Well, the question is, is that burn repairable? Maybe the short can be removed, but perhaps the phase will never work. There is actually an unused slot for another phase, but I doubt I could re-route the PWM etc.
Sapphire RX 480 8Gb – Burn Behind VCore Phase
Sapphire RX 480 8Gb – Blown Fuses PCI-E