Seller Note “windows does see it and there is output but the motherboard (x570 prime) states there is a problem with your VGA card press f2 to boot – and windows boots but the output is garbled all over the screen.”


  • Resistances TODO
  • For me, it has error code 43 in Device Manager, there is a picture, but no artefacts
  • What is more striking are the crazy stats in GPU-Z (see pic)

MSI RX 480 GAMING X 8 GB – Crazy sensor stats in GPU-Z!

Investigation Into BIOS

  • Now not displaying (VGA light on motherboard) – perhaps a further indication of a BIOS issue. This worsening could also be because I had to change my motherboard due to a PCI slot issue.
  • Ah! it seems this motherboard wont post if the card is primary, but will if integrated graphics are primary and it is secondary.

I will first try flashing it as a 2nd card, although I don’t much hope:

C:\gputesting\amdvbflash_win_3.31>amdvbflash.exe -i
AMDVBFLASH version 3.31 EXTERNAL, Copyright (c) 2021 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

adapter bn dn fn dID       asic           flash      romsize test    bios p/n
======= == == == ==== =============== ============== ======= ==== ==============
   0    02 00 00 67DF Polaris10       W25X40           80000 pass 113-V34111-F1

C:\gputesting\amdvbflash_win_3.31>amdvbflash.exe -fp -p 0 MSI.RX480.8192.161128_1.rom
AMDVBFLASH version 3.31 EXTERNAL, Copyright (c) 2021 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Old SSID: 3413
New SSID: 3413
Old P/N: 113-V34111-F1
New P/N: 113-V34111-F1
Old DeviceID: 67DF
New DeviceID: 67DF
Old Product Name: 113-MSITV341MH.151
New Product Name: 113-MSITV341MH.153
Old BIOS Version:
New BIOS Version:
Flash type: W25X40
80000/80000h bytes programmed
80000/80000h bytes verified

Restart System To Complete VBIOS Update.

There is some improvement in the craziness, but still code 43 and wrong values in GPU-Z

I guess W25X40 might mean a 4Mb chip, I have some MX25U4033E. Time to open the card, get some resistance values, check for any signs of damage (there is a back plate, so hopefully not) and confirm the BIOS chip type / required VCC for the programmer clip.