Seller Note “Has given up the ghost after a number of years in my wives gaming rig”


  • I find this card quite a cool design, it seems in good condition and has it’s warranty sticker
  • Resistances
    • VCore – 0.9Ω
    • VMem – 40.9Ω
    • VDDCI – 19.6Ω
    • Display Rail – 36.2Ω
    • 1.8V – ?Ω
    • 5V – ?Ω
    • 3.3V – 416.6Ω
    • 12V – 6KΩ+ (slot), (PCI-E) 4.364KΩ
  • Error 43, no picture, crazy GPU-Z stats (see pic), like this other RX 480 I have MSI RX 480 GAMING X 8 GB. However, I am concerned that this one doesn’t seem to display, which might indicate a secondary issue
  • I have tried flashing the BIOS in Windows, the stats change, but not in any useful way
  • I’ll start by investigating the BIOS
  • Thermal paste bone dry on opening

Investigation into BIOS

Windows flash applied but didn’t expect it to resolve much

C:\gputesting\amdvbflash_win_3.31>amdvbflash.exe -i
AMDVBFLASH version 3.31 EXTERNAL, Copyright (c) 2021 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

adapter bn dn fn dID       asic           flash      romsize test    bios p/n
======= == == == ==== =============== ============== ======= ==== ==============
   0    02 00 00 67DF Polaris10       GD25Q21B         40000 pass 115-D000PI0-100

C:\gputesting\amdvbflash_win_3.31>amdvbflash.exe -fp -p 0 Asus.RX480.8192.160925_1.rom
AMDVBFLASH version 3.31 EXTERNAL, Copyright (c) 2021 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Old SSID: 0505
New SSID: 0505
Old P/N: 115-D000PI0-100
New P/N: 115-D000PI0-100
Old DeviceID: 67DF
New DeviceID: 67DF
Old Product Name: 67DFHB.
New Product Name: 67DFHB.
Old BIOS Version:
New BIOS Version:
Flash type: GD25Q21B
40000/40000h bytes programmed
40000/40000h bytes verified

Restart System To Complete VBIOS Update.

There was a change, but no real improvement

AMBFlash mentions the BIOS chip type is GD25Q21B, need to check VCC and size

So, 25Q21BT, I measured this taking 3.3V (datasheet confirms it) and it’s 2Mbit. I have FM25Q02 which should match. Sometimes that 330 network/array resistor can also be an issue, but probably easiest to try a new BIOS chip first.

ASUS DUAL RX 480 OC 8GB – BIOS Chip removed

Unfortunately, after replacing the BIOS chip with a newly programmed FM25Q02 (this BIOS, there is no improvement in the GPU-Z stats (same as in the last picture). I have been told that I might need to try several BIOS’s.