Sapphire Pulse 5600 XT

Seller Note “Dead card” (they aren’t kidding!)


  • Resistances
    • VCore – 0.4 (not sure if this isn’t short)
    • Vmem – 0.3! (definitely short)
    • Display rail (0.75v) – Short!
    • 1.8v
    • 5v
    • 3.3v – 19.5! (short)
    • 12v (K+ high, ok)
  • The fuses seem OK, except NF1208 (3.3v rail) which has a very low resistance of 19 Ohms, so 3.3v is short which I haven’t seen before.
    • 5v – has 2K Ohms at the voltage regulator, but a much higher resistance when found on coil L1890
    • 0.75 – Short
    • Think Vmem may be short.
    • This board has a strange layout compared with what I am used to, I am struggling to identify the normal rails.
  • Voltages
    • 12v, 3.3v and 5v are present, but nothing else.
  • Quite a mysterious card, with a I2C chip, it could be potentially complex.
  • This card is has a very dead core I think!