MSI GTX 770 2GB (2048 MB) Twin Frozr (A)

Seller Note “Was working fine until artefacts appeared. One fan doesn’t seem to be working.

Issues Detected

  • Resistances and voltages appear normal.
  • Artefacts with low resolution in windows.
  • One fan is indeed not working, perhaps caused the fault.
  • Mats testing reveals the first Vram chip has errors (nearest to PCI-E at bottom right of GPU).
  • Since the errors aren’t all the way across the chip, it is hopefully a candidate for reflow of that chip or replacement.

Card Overview

I find there is a lot to like about this graphics card board design, MSI have invested in a great overall cooling setup to help balance the relatively high peak power.

TODO Add ressitance & voltage data, also shots of the PCB.

GPU: GK104-425-A2

Vram: Elpida W2032BBBG-7A-F

MSI GTX 770 Dual Fan
MSI GTX 770 Heat Pipes & Cooler
MSI GTX 770 Heatsink for VRM and Vram

Fix Under Test

  • Flux & reflow of failing Vram chip (using BGA PCB preheater & heat gun)
  • Artefacts now gone & driver loads in windows – looking great!
  • Furmark stress testing underway, looking good, holding 79 deg C
  • These cards are quite juicy (2 x 8 pins, taking just under 250W under full stress) , but have substantial heatsinks and decent fans.
  • Full stress testing is advisable to make sure the reflow is sound. If it were to fail, I have the replacement Vram chips now.