Seller Note “Blank screen”


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  • Wow! Delighted to work on my first GALAX HOF card. Even if I cannot fix it, I am still happy to get the chance to check it over.
  • From what I have seen initially, the resistances are fine, drivers load, but even light load soon cause the display to go. The PC doesn’t crash (caps lock key still active) and measuring the (wonderfully convenient) voltage measurement points, reveals VCore at ~0.2V (5V is there, but PEX and Vmem are of course not). The VCore VRM is likely to be the first point of analysis unless anything else presents itself.
  • Resistances
    • Vcore – 6.5Ω
    • Vmem – 22.1Ω (check memory type)
    • PEX – 18.5Ω (seems a lot lower than other 970s, do hope this is normal)
    • 5V – 488.8Ω (a little lower than the usual 500Ω, but could be normal)
    • 3.3V – 885Ω
    • 12V PCI – 2.955KΩ, PCI-E 8pins (1) ~6KΩ, (2) 2.3MΩ