5500Lyr Passenger Site Seeing Mission


I’ve done a fair few passenger sight seeing missions mainly just for the money and in the interests of quick turn around, stayed under 250Lyr for each target for multi hops etc. This time I wanted to go beyond the 1000Lyr navigation limit and learn to plot a longer route whilst improving my exploration experience.

Passenger Mission Target Reached

Passenger Mission Target Reached!

The Passenger Mission

  • Finally picked out a longer range passenger mission – 2765.97Ls to see an earth like world / secretive (no scans) / but normal in other respects, not a criminal or wanted. 3W 6D 23H to do it. 7 first class passengers.
  • Kitted out the Asp Explorer for long distance – TODO provide loadout, was nothing fancy, with the class 6 passenger cabin it could only jump about 29Lyrs max, so probably wasn’t that stripped out in terms of modules.
  • Since its longer than 1000Ls, used Neutron Router (Neutron Router) to break it into 1000Ls chunks
Elite Dangerous Neutron Router

Elite Dangerous Neutron Router

Ship Condition & Learnings Afterwards

  • Down to 95% hull due to 4 emergency stops whilst scooping across the journey
  • Some heat damage across modules (AFM modules not used to repair):
  • Elite Dangerous - exploration module damage
  • All heat sinks used – very useful when a mistake is made scooping or jumping too close to the star. Next time I’ll┬átake more than 1 set due to their usefulness and limited ammo.
  • Taking a passenger provides a target destination and money, but potentially narrows the exploration┬áto a there-and-back on a schedule – think I would enjoy the exploration more if the passenger aspect wasn’t in the back of my mind, would probably wander more.

The Rewards

  • 11,637,360 Credits (includes bonus for avoiding a scan on the return journey)
  • About 1.8Mil Credits of scans including many sheets of first discovered bonuses
  • Elite Dangerous - explorer first discovery
  • Jumped from rank Scout (80%) through Trailblazer to Pathfinder (80%)
  • This was my first major exploration into uninhabited space – enjoyed it!