Windforce GV-N770oC-2GD

Seller Note “Not Working”


  • Appearance – very good, clean.
  • Resistances:
    • Vcore 11.6Ω
    • Vmem 94Ω
    • PEX 308Ω?
    • 5v 2.8KΩ
  • Reaches windows – sometimes artefacts on driver load, code 43 in device manager.
  • Suspected memory corruption.
  • mats with -e 5 passed
  • mats -e 100 detected a small number of errors in the very last chip, re running lead to larger number (chip 63:32), expect complete failure of this chip.
  • Surely has at least one defective chip, probably worth a reflow attempt, as artefacting actually appears quite light.

Chip type is: Samsung K4G20325FD-FC28