Seller Note “Untested”

Pre Checks / Multimeter Only

1. Visual Inspection Eye / Magnifying GlassQuite dirty.
2. Visual Inspection Microscope
3. Check for shorts on 12v PCI, 12v PCI-E, 3.3vOKCouldn’t find any obvious shorts.
4a. Resistance VCore (~0.5)2.5Ω
4b. Resistance VMem (~60Ω)97.6Ω OK
4c. Resistance 3.3v Rail (~960Ω+) Ω
4d. Resistance 5v Rail (~5KΩ)
4e. Resistance 1v PEX Rail (~123Ω+) 180Ω OK
4f. Resistance 12v BUS (14.7kΩ )
4g. Resistance 8.8v Rail (18.7KΩ )N/A

Power On / Test Rig Checks

Tests / ChecksResultNotes
1. Observations (e.g. PCB heat noticed,
blank screen, power light on monitor,
bios screen, o/s loaded, artefacts, )
Have BIOS picture. Blank screen on driver / windows load. Area behind GPU quite hot, a despite quite large heatsink it is necessary to run the fan to avoid a very hot GPU after several minutes. Passed MATS memory test.
2. Voltage VCore (~0.88v)0.9+ OK
3. Voltage VMem (~1.4v)1.5 OK
4. Voltage PEX Rail (~1v)OK
5. Voltage 3.3 BUSOK
6. Voltage 12 ExtOK
6. Voltage 5v RailOK
7. Voltage 8.8v Rail

Next Steps

  • Resistances and voltages seem fine, although worth checking voltages more closely in case of power stage issue.
  • BIOS screen fine, no artefacting seen, passed memory test, cannot load driver – possible GPU issue.
  • Hot behind GPU – Will repaste.
  • GPU is GF116-400-A1
  • Memory is Hynix 2 different codes

Update: After cleaning and repasting, now there is no picture! All voltage appear present and the GPU area gets pretty hot. I am starting to think this is probably a GPU issue, possible reflow / replace candidate. The card was not expensive and it’s resale value isn’t likely to be much even if fixed. I also don’t think this is a particularly great type of graphics card i.e. doesn’t seem much better than a GTS 450 and doesn’t have great thermals.

Update: A day later, the card seems to display the BIOS screen reliably, attempting to boot windows results in black screen and reboot. I have rechecked the voltages, which seem ok. If the card is fine from a power delivery perspective (not 100% sure) and the memory is ok (test passed), then the GPU seems the main suspect.

Update (10/01/2022) after reflow of all memory chips: Now the card can load to windows, but crashes on driver load. Replacement or reballing of the memory chips is the next option:

4 x h5gq1h24bfr-t2c 132a

2 x h5gq2h24mfr-t2c 133a