Reference GTX 780 Card B XS Waterblock

Seller Note “Card boot’s into Windows using default driver’s once windows installs Nvidia driver’s the screen goes blank.”


  • The card is fitted with a rather nice looking XSPC waterblock, sadly I expect this could end up being the most valuable part as the seller suggested, as there is what appears to be corrosion or liquid damage. As well as missing capacitors on several PCI lanes.
  • Resistances look mostly OK (could do with cleaning to get better contacts)
  • All voltages are present, but appear higher than I would expect e.g. PEX as 1.1v and VMem 1.4 ish (could be OK). I think the corrosion could be affecting the readings a bit.
  • The behaviour is similar to what was described in that the card gets detected in Windows and crashes the PC on driver load. However, I don’t get a picture and this is all as a 2nd card. MODS seems to hang.
  • Aside from the corrosion/residue around the card, it appears there is flux residue around the core, guessing there was a reflow attempt.
  • This card may be spare parts at best.
  • It could be worth giving the card a good clean and taking more measurements.