Gigabyte GTX 780 TI GV-N78TOC-3GD Windforce (Card B)

Seller Note “Faulty”


  • Resistances all look fine
  • Detected in Linux and Windows, crashes the PC on driver load
  • MATS throws multiple assertion failures and displays an unusual VBIOS related error message (see pic)
  • Attempted to re-flash the BIOS, but no change in the VBIOS MATS error
  • When tested as a 2nd card with MATS, all chips are reported as faulty
  • Quite possibly it’s the GPU core itself that is the issue.
Gigabyte GTX 780 TI – MODS VBIOS error
mats version 367.38.  Testing GK110B with 10 MB of memory starting with 0 MB.
Errors found. Use -matsinfo for details.
This message will only appear once.
------------- ------------- -------------  ------------
FBIOA[ 31:  0]            0        441968             0
FBIOA[ 63: 32]            0        442704             0
FBIOB[ 31:  0]            0        442240             0
FBIOB[ 63: 32]            0        442336             0
FBIOC[ 31:  0]            0        442000             0
FBIOC[ 63: 32]            0        442896             0
FBIOD[ 31:  0]            0        442496             0
FBIOD[ 63: 32]            0        436736             0
FBIOE[ 31:  0]            0        442240             0
FBIOE[ 63: 32]            0        441952             0
FBIOF[ 31:  0]            0        442080             0
FBIOF[ 63: 32]            0        441952             0

Rank 0 Failing bits:
   A008 A009 A010 A011 A012 A013 A014 A015 A016 A017 A018 A019 A020 A021 A022 A023 
   A024 A025 A026 A027 A028 A029 A030 A031 A032 A033 A034 A035 A036 A037 A038 A039 
   A040 A041 A042 A043 A044 A045 A046 A047 A053 A056 A057 A058 A059 A060 A061 A062 
   A063 B000 B001 B002 B003 B004 B005 B006 B007 B008 B009 B010 B011 B012 B013 B014 
   B015 B016 B017 B018 B019 B020 B021 B022 B023 B040 B041 B042 B043 B044 B045 B046 
   B047 B049 B051 B052 B056 B057 B058 B059 B060 B061 B062 B063 C003 C009 C011 C016 
   C017 C018 C019 C020 C021 C022 C023 C024 C025 C027 C029 C030 C031 C032 C033 C034 
   C035 C036 C037 C038 C039 C040 C041 C042 C043 C044 C045 C046 C047 C060 D000 D002 
   D003 D004 D005 D007 D008 D010 D011 D012 D013 D015 D016 D017 D018 D019 D020 D021 
   D022 D023 D024 D025 D026 D027 D028 D029 D030 D031 D041 D048 D049 D050 D051 D052 
   D053 D054 D055 E011 E016 E017 E018 E019 E020 E021 E022 E023 E025 E028 E029 E030 
   E032 E033 E034 E035 E036 E037 E038 E039 E040 E041 E042 E043 E044 E045 E046 E047 
   E053 E061 F000 F001 F002 F003 F004 F005 F006 F007 F008 F009 F010 F011 F012 F013 
   F014 F015 F016 F017 F018 F019 F020 F021 F022 F023 F024 F025 F026 F027 F028 F029 
   F030 F031 F037 F039 F040 F041 F042 F043 F044 F048 F049 F050 F051 F052 F053 F054 
   F055 F058 F061 
Read    Error Count: 0
Write   Error Count: 5301600
Unknown Error Count: 0

Before Windows crashes, this is the GPUZ output. The Device Id and subsystem id look as expected. The BIOS also appears to be read ( is the version I loaded).

Gigabyte GTX 780 TI – GPUZ before drivers loaded