Seller Note “spares as does not seem to be working, although I only tried with HDMI port”

Issues Seen

  • Blank screen, no heat on GPU.
  • Quick Check: Main resistances seemed OK. At least Vcore and Vmem are missing.
  • Interesting project, as likely some failed component rather than usual GPU issue due to the fanless design.
  • I have a mostly working sister card ASUS GT 710 2GB GDDR5 SILENT to potentially help with comparisons, although it seems slightly different (layout and VRM) despite being exactly the same make and type.
  • Need to deep dive the components and try and trace the voltages.

Main Components

Nvidia GK208-203-B1GPUAvailable
Hynix H5GC4H24AJR-T2CVRamAvailable, Cheap
UTC 78D05AG3-TERMINALS 1A VOLTAGE REGULATOR05 means 12v input, 5v output
M3056M x4 N-Ch 30V Fast Switching MOSFETsCan’t find datasheet?
P0903YKDual N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFETSuspect this is for VRam VRM


  • 5v and 1.8v are present on the board.
  • Vmem is 0, Vcore is almost 0 ~55mV
  • Need to understand more how Vcore is built up in the VRM and it’s sources, studdling voltages on the working card’s VRM might help.