Seller Note “We noticed some liquid damage. Dead”


  • Resistances
    • Vcore 0.8
    • Vmem 33
    • VDCI 22
    • Display Rail 17.6 ?
    • 12v PCI 4.6K
    • 12v ext 2.7 K
    • 2.46 K
  • Stripped down, cleaned up what appears more like corrosion (see picture below) due to being stored in a damp place rather than the liquid damage as stated by the seller.
  • Has picture! Testing after replacing the heatsink and fans. No crashes seem yet, a slight pause noticed during Kombuster. Kombuster passed, Subnautica fine, but has an unusual choppy GPU and memory controller load profile (see picture below). The temperatures seem OK, but don’t want to push it, in case there is a VRM issue.
  • Strangely TPU guets that it’s a 580 series and 4gb, but it’s lookup leads to a 570 4gb screen (see picture)? There is a slightly pealed sticker on the side listing it as RX580 4gb. It certainly appears different to the other RX 580 8gb cards I’ve seen, larger, has a nice blue LED Sapphire logo and a BIOS switch.
  • There is also a BIOS switch, I should test this. I wonder if it’s BIOS has been messed with.
  • Very happy that the card mostly appears to work after a thorough clean anyway since it was listed as dead and very cheap.
Sapphire RX580 4Gb Corrosion

At first, the card was very dirty and the heatsink has signs of corrosion, which looked like the above picture. I Cleaned this up mostly with a toothbrush, but it will need a little more abrasion to be completely clean.

Sapphire RX580 4Gb – TPU Misidentification
Sapphire RX580 4Gb – Subnautica, unusual GPU / Memory Controller profile

Next Steps

  • Test alternative BIOS.
  • Understand choppy GPU / memort contoller load graph in TPU.
    • Maybe there is a VRM issue, the VRM efficiency fluctuates a bit.
    • Test phases, possibly there is a bad MOSFET.
    • Perhaps the VRM cooling bad seemed too hat during testing, could be another sign of a VRM fault.
  • Understand misreporting of card type in TPU.
  • Needs new thermal pads
  • The VRM cooling bar needs paste