Turing GPU Series Graphics Card Repair

(Under development)

I only have a few Turing cards and not much experience with them.


  • HP GTX 1660 Super 6Gb L83322-001 (has quite widespread PCB stretches and missing minor components)
  • Gigabyte 1660 6Gb Super (Not sure what’s wrong yet, have reflashed the BIOS, MATS passes, appears to crash on driver load, if it is the memory I am not sure how to confirm that, could be GPU or maybe VRM related? Have seen it crash to a blue screen)
  • Zotac GTX 1650 4Gb Low Profile OC 4GB (Missing VMem, have a working similar card)

RTX 2070

These cards are lovely, with great speed and efficiency compared to any others I’ve worked on.

  • MSI Ventus RTX 2070 8Gb (WORKING WITH ISSUE – I thought it was a lucky fix when I flashed the BIOS, it works very well in my main PC, but seemingly not on older chipset motherboards. I need to do more tests. Seemingly some kind of detection issue is present, also I notice the fan initially running fast for a second after powering the PC on. Could still be a BIOS chip issue.)
  • ASUS RTX 270 SUPER (WORKING WITH ISSUE – Basically seems in excellent condition with box and warranty sticker intact. Has a seeming unusual issue that it’s fan remains at a fixed RPM of around 700. Hopefully something fixable, but expect it’s possibly more than a simple fan replacement)